Manhattan’s Choice for Audio Video Services

Residential or commercial Geisler Electric can custom design and install any home or office audio video components you need for an integrated system.

From dedicated theaters, media rooms, home, office, multi-purpose video and gaming rooms, we can take many directions based on individual taste, performance, and budget. Whether you are just looking for quality, intelligible sound in living room, want a cool space to watch movies and the big game with family, or want a full dedicated theater, we start every project with a detailed client discovery process for finding that perfect audio video setup for your space.

These spaces are personal to you and your lifestyle so we want to get it right. Coordination with architects, interior designers, builders and the family takes a front seat as we design the space to match your vision with the perfect home or office audio video components and setup. At Geisler Electric we have solutions to match every budget.

Are you wanting that dedicated home theater to watch a great movie or enjoy the big game? Home theaters and media rooms can be as simple as a TV or projector, screen, and speakers but the often overlooked aspect is the overall room design. Geisler Electric offers full room design focusing on designing a room for that perfect sound. Great speakers easily can be a wasted investment if the acoustic environment isn’t evaluated and planned out accordingly.

Home Office Audio Video

Residential Electrical Services Include:

  • Commercial or Residential
  • Wiring/Re-wiring
  • Systems Networking
  • WiFi Access Points
  • Home Theater Wiring
  • Home Office Audio Video
  • 4K TV Setup and
  • Integration
  • TV Mounts
  • Hidden Wires
  • Built-in and Wireless
  • Speakers
  • Hi-Definition Home and
  • Office Audio Video